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Welcome to Wit Way!

It is the intent of the great nation of WitWay to blindly travel the world using only our innate visual knowledge of the surrounding areas to guess our locations around the globe.  -Founding Fathers

Wit Way Available in the App Store


1Challenge your friends through game center.  Play a game consisting of three rounds where you each travel to the same random location.  Score points for how close you guess to the actual location.

Travel the World

2Remember where you’ve been.  Every guess in the correct country earns you a stamp in your Wit Way passport.  Never forget when you last visited great places such as Estonia!

Earn Wits

3While traveling around, competing with your friends, you’ll earn wits that you can use within Wit Way.  You can also earn Wits by adding new random locations to the game.

Use Power Ups

4Make all of your had work pay off.  Use your Wits on power ups such as Circle Marks the Spot, Call Your Shot, and Lights Out.  Power ups will either help you figure out where you are or provide you an opportunity to earn more points.